Monday, October 13, 2008

Wall Street Journal and New York Times Online: Treasure Troves for Economic and Financial Info

The on-line versions of the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times are great resources for information, current and historical, about economics and finance. In addition to what you find in the print, you will find a variety of interactive charts, photos, and video clips.

Here are few interesting links:
(Note: Some videos may contain ads.)

Wall Street Journal
Wall Street Journal's Interactive Graphics (This site contains interactive graphics about business, the economy, finance, politics, and more.)
Kashkari Gives 'Comprehensive Update' on Rescue Plan (full text from Interim Assistant Secretary for Finance)
Tumbling Stocks, Plunging Currencies (Interactive map depicting information about the major stock index and currency of various countries over the past three months.)
Bears That Won't Go Away (Chart)
What History Tells Us About the Market (10/11/08 -Article with photos)
IMF Pledges Support, but Is Short on Details (10/12/08 - Video; Analysis by WSJ Reporter Bob Davis)

New York Times
Podcast: Weekend Business (10/10/08)
Kashkari Details Rescue Plan (10/13/2008) (CNBC Video, linked from NYT online)
Echoes of a Dismal Past (Video)
How This Bear Market Compares (interactive chart, depicts losses and in length, over the past 80 years)
Credit Crisis Indicators ( interactive chart, depicts 3-Month Treasury, Libor, Ted, Paper, & Bonds)

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