Sunday, October 5, 2008

Link to Wachovia Timeline Article: Key Events, 1879 to Sept. 2008

I'm posting links to time-lines that contain information that could be used for an interactive multimedia economic timeline. Since I live in Charlotte, N.C., I thought I'd look for information about Wachovia.

At the time of this post, it was not certain if CitiGroup or Wells Fargo would be playing a part in the transformation of this bank.

Take a look at the Wachovia Corporation Timeline. I haven't verified the facts listed in the timeline.

Warning: The time-line is text-based, and it is not interactive.

Imagine how a rich sources of information this could be if it was transformed into interactive multimedia time-line!

Instead of text, with events listed in a linear fashion, an interactive multimedia time-line would be more exciting to play with. It would allow you to explore pictures, listen to interviews, watch video clips, peek at artifacts, and branch off to explore related links to other historical, political, and cultural dynamics that were going on at the time of each event.

If the timeline was collaborative, it would become a living document, sort of like a wiki, but in a different format.

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