Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Economic Odds and Ends: Stock Market Panorama; Banking and Children;

Here are a few odds and ends regarding the economy:

Ambient information systems - a real-time data panorama of the stock market:

Real-time data panoramas: "Once the stock market opens, our 3D simulation comes to life & people start 'breathing' business information" via Bashiba.com "BASHIBA Panorama exploits the visual perceptual capabilities of the human brain. It harnesses untapped brain power."

Children and the current economic crisis:

Video thumbnail. Click to play
Banking and Saving with Your Child
(Video via Knowledge Essentials)

(from Knowledge Essentials on BlipTV) "Tough economic times are everywhere. How do you explain what the economy is to your child and then parlay that into help with your household budget? Check this out to see."

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