Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Did Marcus Schrenker, Financial Advisor, Fake Death? More Drama from the Financial Universe...

Indiana Business man Who May Have Faked His Own Death: The Next DB Cooper?

"...Prior to the accident, “Schrenker’s life appeared to be spiraling downward,” wroteThe Associated Press: “He lost a half-million-dollar judgment against one of his companies when he skipped a court hearing, and his wife filed for divorce. Investigators probing his businesses for possible securities violations searched his home and office.” (Another wrinkle our readers might be interested in: Over the years he also had convinced dozens of active and retired Delta pilots to allow him to manage their retirement accounts.)"

Update: Pilot accused of faking his own death, Marcus Schrenker, captured in Florida, officials say (CNN Wire)

"Marshals say Schenker showed up at 2:30 a.m. Monday at a home in Childersburg, Alabama, telling a resident he had been in a canoeing accident. After getting a ride into town, he was taken by police, who were unaware of the crash, to a hotel in nearby Harpersville."

Update # 2 Schrenker airplane jumping story gets stranger by the minute Chris Rodriguez, Denver Aviation Community Examiner

"...And this from the North West Florida Daily News: “Further thickening the plot today was an Indiana neighbor of Mr. Schrenker's, who approached investigators with an interesting e-mail he claims came from the missing pilot. Schrenker wrote to Tom Britt that the situation was a misunderstanding and that he had jumped from the plane because of hypoxia after the windshield imploded and the plane's cabin lost pressure. Schrenker said in the e-mail, "By the time you get this, I'll be gone." Britt also quoted Schrenker as saying, "I embarrassed my family for the last time.'" Britt fears it is a suicide note."

Schrenker during happier moments?

And so it goes...

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Joe said...

i predict that Marcus Schrenker's life will be turned into an indy film within the next year (starring Gerard Butler of course since they look so much alike)