Sunday, January 25, 2009

71-year-old Edward M. Solomon, Financial Adviser, Disguised as Groucho Marx, Robs Trustco Bank

New York Times Article: White Collar, and Accused in a Bank Holdup
Peter Applebome, 1/24/09
"The accused was a 71-year-old financial adviser with an office on Fifth Avenue and a ranch house in Westchester County. The disguise was Groucho Marx glasses, nose, eyebrows and mustache."

“...He wasn’t your typical bank robber per se,” Lieutenant Johansen said. “He’s 71 years of age. He has no criminal history whatsoever. I would imagine everyone who knows him is completely surprised he would have resorted to this for whatever reason. There’s nothing in his past to suggest he would do this.”

The Journal News: Bonk robbery suspect, 71, remains in jail

(Terence Corcoran, 1/24/09)

"Police say the armed robbery used this Groucho Marx disguise."

"He fled with $5,900 in a Lexus SUV that was later recovered. Police said there is not indication he had any help....Solomon works at Prudential Financial Services, 630 Fifth Ave., Manhattan."

That must have been an interesting sight!

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