Monday, September 29, 2008

Collaborative Interactive Economic Timeline

Several days ago I started pulling together resources and links about the current economic crisis (September 2008), looking at events in our recent history from the viewpoints of various disciplines. The result? A very long post in my Technology Supported Human-Interaction

It occurred to me that a dynamic, interactive time-line might be a good way of sorting out the complexity, a time-line that could offer people a chance to add their expertise, and also offer curious people the chance to look explore all of the dynamics from a broad perspective, and also in great detail.

This interactive time-line could also be a way of highlighting interesting examples of information and data visualization.

I will be breaking down the information contained in my long post, and segmenting them into shorter posts. The next step will be to create a wiki or a website that can handle collaborative time-line creation. I'm searching for good examples.

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